Scarsdale diet is a great diet for losing some weight. Why? It is very specific. It gives you clear rules what to eat and how. But there is also another interesting thing – it takes only 14 days. No more, no less. It also gives you hints on nutrition for the following 14 days period, but the first 14 days are to give you results you want.

Scarsdale diet
The Scarsdale diet lets you lose weight, but it is a water weight you’re losing.  It means – quick results, quick return to the former shape.

Rules of Scarsdale diet:

  • Leave the alcohol alone. You don’t need it in your everyday life and it is slowing you down with your results.
  • Only specified meals are allowed. Don’t try to get around it. Either you are on a diet or not.
  • Carrots and celery are your friends. You can eat it whenever you want and as much you want. It is the only food you can eat between meals.
  • When you eat vegetables don’t use any form of fat. It means no olive oil, no margarine, no butter. After a while you will get used to the new taste.
  • Dressings – allowed are vinegar and lemon. You can also use mustard dressing. But oil and mayonnaise are strictly forbidden.
  • You can drink as much as you wish but sugar beverages are forbidden. So always look for diet(sugar free) versions of your favorite beverages. Scarsdale diet (unlike other diets) lets you drink a regular coffee.
  • When preparing meat make sure it is as lean as possible. Cut off as much skin and fat as you can before cooking your meals.
  • I know that you may not like every meal listed in the list but don’t substitute. Just eat more of the other elements of your diet, don’t try to be smarter than the physician.
  • Eat as much as your organism needs. Don’t eat just because you enjoy it or to kill some time.
  • The diet is designed for 14 days. Keeping it for more could be seriously dangerous to your health.

Now few words about the diet plan

For the breakfast the plan is simple and the same for the whole time. Eat a half of a fruit, like a grapefruit, orange or other fruit you can think of. Add to that a slice of a whole grain bread and a hot beverage with no sugar.

Day I
Lunch – Tomatoes, sliced, broiled, or stewed. Cold cuts and any beverage you wish, but with no sugar.
Dinner – Salad or vegetables in any form you want, fish or shellfish, grapefruit, a slice of whole grain bread and a sugar-free beverage.
Day II
Lunch – lean hamburger, tomatoes, celery, cucumbers or Brussels sprouts. Sugar-free beverage.
Dinner – Fruit salad with a sugar-free beverage (during the Scarsdale diet every beverage should be sugar-free)
Lunch – Tuna or salmon salad, a grapefruit or other fruit, sugar-free beverage.
Dinner – Fish, chicken or lamb, salad and a sugar-free beverage.
Day IV
Lunch – Two eggs, but no fat, diet cottage cheese, zucchini or tomatoes, slice of whole grain bread, sugar-free beverage.
Dinner – Skinless chicken (prepared without fat), spinach or string beans, sugar-free beverage.
Day V
Lunch – Lo fat cheese, spinach, slice of whole grain bread, sugar-free beverage.
Dinner – Fish, salad, slice of whole grain bread, sugar-free beverage.
Day VI
Lunch – salad, sugar-free beverage
Dinner – chicken or turkey (prepared with no fat), salad, grapefruit (or other fruit), sugar-free beverage.
Lunch – chicken or turkey, vegetables, grapefruit (or other fruit), sugar-free beverage
Dinner – steak, salad or vegetables, Brussels sprouts, sugar-free beverage.
As you can see the diet is very strict. I found few versions of the Scarsdale diet on the web but I think this one gives you more freedom than others.

Scarsdale diet rules
Scarsdale diet gives quick results because it is based on very low calorie meals. As for the 14 day diet it is well planned, but it is not a solution for a weight problem. It can give you a head start, yet to really lose few pounds, not just put them away for a while, you need to start a healthy day-to-day diet. I can see a big mistake in the thinking of people who started a diet plan, keep exactly to the diet chart and… they count days until they devour a large, freaking fat burger. Well, If you start eating the way you were eating before the diet, you will start looking exactly the way you were looking. It is not a rocket science.
So decide. Do you want to change your look?
Are you willing to change your life in order to change your look?
Well, go and change it!